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Jack & Jill School
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A Teacher models and encourages good work habits, competence and satisfaction in work.  Skills and concepts learned by young children need to be constantly reinforced and extended.

Each child possesses the natural ability to wonder and the desire to learn about the world that surrounds them. We nurture this wonder by providing freedom to explore their environment; listening, observing, researching and facilitating. As this process unfolds our teachers assume multiple roles:

*Teachers as active listeners: by expressing their ideas, concerns and interests, children are constantly giving us clues on how we can better help them enrich their knowledge.

*Teachers as vigorous observers: through observations we can identify and help children develop their abilities. Parallel to this process, we encourage them to explore new domains.

* Teachers as meticulous researchers: based on the information we gather during our listening and observations periods we immerse ourselves in the process of finding the best resources available to cultivate children’s emergent interests.

*Teachers as knowledgeable facilitators: Using our research we select the most appropriate ways to share our findings to the main audience of our school:



Our mission is to enrich children’s lives with opportunities to explore and develop their unique abilities by engaging them in age-appropriate activities that will enhance their cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.